Web Design Packages

All custom design packages include:

Custom name banner
Navigation bar or sidebar

Domain name registration and arrangement for site hosting. (Fees charged by these companies are NOT included. )
free 30-day maintenance, covering minor tweaks and adjustments

Custom Website
Because our website designs are custom and not built using pre-fab templates, and because each client's needs are different, we do not set a price for X-number of pages, except our brochure and business-card websites. The price of each custom site developed is dependent upon the number of pages and subpages, quantity of images, complexity, and other components desired. For general estimating purposes, a normal site will average $150 per webpage.

Brochure Site - $500
This package includes the home page and up to 4 additional pages.

Please Note:
A "page" on the website usually covers a specific area, such as "Contact Us", "History", "Activities" and "About Us".

Text should be sent to us as a Word document attached to or embedded in an e-mail. Unless we are requested to author or edit text, we use the text as sent, although minor mechanical changes (e.g., spelling and punctuation) may be made. The preferred photo or graphic format is jpg, although if necessary a gif or psp format may be used.

Images received are cropped and/or compressed when necessary to improve download time, but only when the overall quality of the image will not be compromised.

Website Redesign / Update

Times change. And so do website requirements. We can bring your old site up to date or make the changes you desire. Part of the process is analyzing the present site to pinpoint any area where modifications would make your redesigned site more efficient. The price depends on the amount of redesign work is required.

Website Maintenance

To keep your website up-to-date - and search engines like changing content - you can have High Desert Design maintain your site.

"As Needed" - Contact us with the changes you would like to have done and we'll update your site generally within 24 hours. Our hourly charge for this type of maintenance is $50 per hour, with a 1 hour minimum.

Monthly - We'll update your site content and do minor revisions - not to exceed 2 hours per month - for a standard monthly fee of $30.

Premium - If your site requires over 3 hours per month to keep it up-to-date, we can negotiate a rate based on your specific needs.

Prices effective 8-1-2012

Please Contact Us with any questions or if you'd like to discuss a project.
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