Step 1: Discovery Phase.
This is the time for defining what you want your Site to be. There are a number of fundamental questions that need to be answered, although the answers may change and evolve as the Site takes shape. You need to think about what you want your Site to accomplish for you; who your audience will be; what kind of impression you want your Site to make; what pages you want to include. You domain name is chosen and registered and your site host determined in this phase.

Step 2: Drafting Phase.
Based on the information gathered and the decisions made in the discovery phase, a site map (flow chart) can now be created. Each page is described visually, including simple schematics defining the content of each page and the functional specifications. This is the blueprint that helps determine the technologies needed to make everything work.

Step 3: Design Phase.
A site mockup can now be designed which assembles all the visual and navigational ideas. This is a non-functional site model that shows the position of text, graphics and the overall look of the Site.

Step 4: Production & Testing Phase.
Now everything comes together. The Site becomes functional and is tested for usability. This is the time to check out all the bells and whistles.

Step 5: Launch Phase.
As soon as the testing phase is completed, the Site's content is transferred to the client's host server and the Site goes "live."

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